Get to Know You Video Task

Calling all aspiring chefs! We want to see your passion and talent in action! Submit a short, exciting video introducing yourself, sharing why you want to join the Golden Chef's 2024 competition, and showcasing your love for cooking. Keep it lively and engaging, with a maximum duration of 30-45 seconds. Show us what you've got! Please upload your video using this link.


The video can be recorded from your phone camera, we recommend following these tips:


1. Plan your script: Before recording, take some time to draft a script or outline the topics you want to cover in your video. This will help you stay focused and deliver your message clearly.


2. Introduce yourself: Begin the video by introducing yourself, stating your name, work and/or study experience. Make sure you share why you want to join the Golden Chef's 2024 competition and showcase your love for cooking.


3. Keep it concise: Remember that the video should not exceed 30-45 seconds.


4. Practice before recording: Rehearse your script or talking points before hitting the record button. This will help you feel more confident and comfortable during the actual recording.


5. Choose a suitable location: Find a well-lit and quiet location to record your video. Make sure there are no distractions or background noises that could hinder the clarity of your message.