Q: How do I submit the video on the entry form?

You will get the link to submit the video via email once you submitted the form. Or please find the details here: goldenchefs.com.au/video-checklist 


Q: Once completed the entry form, how do I know if the registration is done and successfully received by Golden Chef team?

You will get a thank you email once submitted the form and we will contact you by 22nd May to notify your assigned regional or metro cook-off. 


Regional and Metro Cook-offs


Q: Is it ok to bring selected family and/or friends to watch the cook-off?

Yes, but they will not be allowed in the kitchen and depending on the state some kitchens do not have viewing windows, please contact your venue host to confirm. Don’t forget to also invite family and employers to the Awards Presentation. 


Q: From the allocated cooking times, what are the 30 minute intervals in between each course for?

You will have a 10-minute window to plate up and serve your 2 dishes. 

Q: Will there be any garnish provided such as micro cress or petit bush?


Q: What type of salts will be available on the day?

Only normal salt will be available. 

Q: Are we allowed to bring in edible flowers?

No, you are not allowed to bring in any food. Your menus and recipes must be written from the Ingredient Lists supplied. 

Q: Can we bring our notebook, with the recipes, method, presentation picture etc. for reference?

Yes, handwritten or typed notes. No recipe books. 

Q: When do we have to send you the recipes and the presentation?

You do not have to send through recipes. You will be required to bring printed copies along on the competition day. 

Q: Are we allow to choose black or white uniform to wear?

As long as they are your chef jacket, both are okay. 

Q: Are we allowed to wear short-sleeved chef jacket? Do we have to wear a toque? Is a flat chef cap fine?

Short-sleeved is okay. Toque or cap is fine. No Baseball caps. 

Q: What type of red and white wines are they?

Contact your ACF host to see what has been ordered, but it is usually Shiraz and Chardonnay. 

Q: Can we bring liquid nitro?


Q: Am I allowed to bring any sort of electrical equipment? I.e., small immersion circulator, smoking gun, thermomix, siphon culinary whipper, pressure cookers, espuma gun, sous vide machines, etc.

Yes, you can bring in other equipment. But all electrical equipment must have current tags saying that it is not faulty. And it must all fit on your single allocated bench. No thermomixes. Pressure cookers must be stove top. 

Q: Can we bring in a handful of wood chips?

Unless it is for use in a smoking gun, you will not be allowed to bring in any other kind of smoking chips. 

Q: Can I bring paper cups for a particular prep?


Q: Are we allowed to bring any sort of plates? Are black plates allowed?

You will be allowed to supply your own white China plates for the competition should you choose to do so, however, standard plates will be available from the venue. Contact your venue host directly to determine what is available. No wood, glass, plastic, tiles, coloured plates. 

Q: Am I allowed to bring in silver serving bowls, to go on a plate, or should I find some white ones?

Yes, if it is a small bowl for dipping sauce. 

Q: Can we use a stovetop pressure cooker?


Q: How do I know what equipment will be provided on the competition day?

Here is a link to a guideline of equipment for the regional cook offs. Click here

Q: Will a cream gun, pressure cooker, microwave be available?

Please contact your venue host to see what equipment will be available. 

Q: Will an ice-cream machine be available?


Q: How do I know what to prepare for the competition day and what to expect?

Please visit goldenchefs.com.au/competition-info/competition-timings 

Q: Will I get to choose the ingredients for the competition day?

You will select your ingredients from the supplied pantry list. 

Q: Can I bring in Gold Leaf?


Q: Are we allowed to use more than 4 Nestlé Professional products?

Yes, you can use as many as you require but please remember for the regional cook offs you must use BUONDI Coffee Beans and a minimum of 3 Nestle Professional products not including dariole moulds. 

Q: Are we allowed to bring any mise en place in at all?

You are not allowed to bring in any food items. 

Q: If I ordered the ingredients already but I change my mind later, will there be a penalty if I ordered more than what I use during the competition?

When you submit your food order your menu and recipes should be finalised. If you ordered a selection of ingredients just in case, you will be penalised for excess wastage. 

Q: If I need help with turning on/off the stove, adjusting the oven, or detaching machinery safely, will there be someone to help me?

Yes, your venue host will be available for any instructions required. 

Q: Am I allowed to have piercing retainers in for the competition for facial piercings that may close?

No visible jewellery is to be worn except for a wedding band, ear stud (no more than 7 mm diameter) or sleeper (small rings). No watches to be worn in the competition kitchen. 

Q: Can I bring paper coffee net?

Yes, a paper coffee filter. 

Q: When ordering herbs and spices, do we write the exact amount in grams we want to use?


Q: Are we allowed to cook something before the competition starts?

During the set-up period, there will be no cooking or food mise en place you may only set up your bench & weigh ingredients. 



Q: What is the best way to contact the organizer?

Please send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram, or send an email at golden.chefs@au.nestle.com 

Q: Are there any cost to join the competition?