We’re proud to recognise and celebrate our past Golden Chefs who are making their mark in the industry, proving that hard work and dedication are key in the path to success.

Richard Ousby

Richard Ousby, 2005 National Winner

Owner of Ousby Food


Richard has held roles previously at Stokehouse Restaurants, Quay, and Waterside Inn (UK).

“I know first-hand just how terrifying it can be to compete in a competition at this level as it highlights not only the skills you have, but also the skills you are lacking in, which is quite an exposing process in the early days of any career.

But for me, it was a real game changer. It’s a great way to improve and push yourself for bigger and better things. I found the experience one of the best foundations any aspiring young chef could hope for, it’s a real confidence booster."

Shane Middleton, 2009 & 2010 National Winner

Head Chef at The Royal Perth


Previously, Shane has been a Chef de Partie at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal London & Melbourne, Head Chef at Clarke's of North Beach, and Executive Sous Chef at QT Perth.

“As a chef you can basically see the world with your job as the skill set is so transferable. Going to London definitely had an impact, it made me grow as a chef and as a person. Not being surrounded my any of my peers made me realise it was my chance to make something of myself, by myself, and definitely got me to step out of my comfort zone."

Shane Middleton
Daniel Garwood

Daniel Garwood, 2013 National Winner

Head Chef at EVETT (Seoul, South Korea)


Daniel has held roles previously at Kadeau (Denmark), Sixpenny, Silvereye, Garagistes, and The Henry Jones Art Hotel.

“I was fortunate to begin my chef career working in some of the best restaurants in Tasmania. That gave me a solid foundation that enabled me to go on to work in incredible restaurants around the world, including Sweden, Italy, Belgium, UK, Denmark, and now South Korea."

"Growing up in Tasmania, I developed a love of foraging and all-natural ingredients which has proved to be a guiding path in my culinary journey. As head chef of a Michelin starred restaurant I continue from what I learned back home, constantly exploring the Korean landscape to source new ingredients and inspiration. My menu is focused on creating dishes that highlight Korean produce and showcasing them to their full potential."

Adelene Stahnke, 2015 & 2016 National Finalist

Head Chef at Untied


Adelene has held roles previously at Bang Street Food (Surry Hills), HOUSE of CRABS, and Tonka (Melbourne).

"My own personal definition of success is to truly enjoy what you do for work to the point where it doesn’t even feel like a job. Cooking has become a part of who I am, rather than what I have to do. Achievement to me is pushing through the grind, proving your grit and resilience, all whilst leading your team with encouragement and grace."

Adelene Stahnke
Ben Richards

Ben Richards, 2017 National Finalist

Chef de Partie at The Lane Vineyard


Ben has held roles previously at La Luna Bistro in Melbourne and Carrington Place in Newcastle.

"I believe that opportunities multiply as they are seized so I’m really focused on setting myself up with roles to learn and grow over the course of my career. Because of the high-pressure environment of the kitchen, you have to pay close attention to people’s productivity and performance to make sure everyone is working to their potential."

Praveen Rodrigo, 2017 National Finalist

Junior Sous Chef at Pullman Albert Park


Praveen has held roles previously at DoubleTree by Hilton Darwin and Hilton Melbourne South Wharf.

"My experience in Golden Chef’s was a game-changer. It gave me credibility in moving my career forward and the connections I made with other chefs was epic. My family are the best critics in the world and are the reason I cook great food. The day they got to see me run the pass in an open kitchen was a proud moment – they didn’t know at the time I’d just been promoted and was the youngest chef to be second in charge of the kitchen!"

Praveen Rodrigo
Ashleigh Otto Main

Ashleigh Otto, 2017 National Finalist

Head Pastry Chef at Pullman Cairns International


Ashleigh has worked her way up through the ranks at Pullman Cairns International as Demi Pastry Chef, Chef de Partie and now Head Chef.

"I don't stop learning and striving to develop myself, constantly educating my palette, skills and techniques. I love networking and bouncing ideas with other creative minds and I'm passionate about contributing to the community. Pastry is magic with endless creative possibilities. Everyday is a new day to learn, create and serve."

Eve Sheraton, 2018 & 2020 National Finalist

Demi Pastry Chef at Brisbane Club


Eve has held roles previously at Kuhl-Cher, Restaurant Dan Arnold, and The Brisbane Club.

"The biggest thing for me being a female chef is investing in my career and learning from new experiences. It’s easy sometimes to get too competitive, compare yourself to others and lose yourself when you’re surrounded by so many talented people in the industry. At the end of the day, I have to have confidence in myself, be proud of my achievements and stay focused on where I’m going as a chef."

Eve Sheraton
Maverick Cuthbert

Maverick Cuthbert, 2019 & 2020 National Finalist

Executive Chef at South of Perth Yacht Club


Maverick has held roles previously at Ritz-Carlton Perth, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, COMO The Treasury, and C Restaurant.

"Being a chef there is no better way to improve your technical skills than to compete. It has opened so many doors for me, including being selected into the Australian National Culinary Youth Team, achieving gold & bronze medals in Stuttgart Germany at the 2020 IKA Culinary Olympics, competing against the best junior chefs in the world - while competing and traveling overseas representing Australia and promoting Aussie produce

This experience has propelled my career so much that I have already achieved my goal of being an executive chef at only 24 years of age. It reads great on the CV and opens doors to work in any of the top restaurants and destinations across Australia and overseas, so the world really is your oyster."

Kimberly Tang, 2021 National Winner

Chef de Partie at Society


Kimberly has held roles previously at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Melbourne, Nobu, No.8 by John Lawson, and Crown Melbourne.

"The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Never give up because anything is possible, it’s what you make of every opportunity that counts. The experience of Golden Chef’s taught me a lot, it helped improve my skills, organisation and knowledge in a short and intense timeframe."

Kimberly Tang