We’re proud to recognise and celebrate our past Golden Chefs who are making their mark in the industry, proving that hard work and dedication are key in the path to success.

Daniel Garwood, 27

Current Position: Head Chef EVETT (Seoul, South Korea)
National Winner (2013)

Previous roles:

Kadeau (Denmark)
Sixpenny, Silvereye
The Henry Jones Art Hotel

"I was fortunate to begin my chef career working in some of the best restaurants in Tasmania. That gave me a solid foundation that enabled me to go on to work in incredible restaurants around the world, including Sweden, Italy, Belgium, UK, Denmark, and now South Korea."

"Growing up in Tasmania, I developed a love of foraging and all-natural ingredients which has proved to be a guiding path in my culinary journey. As head chef of a Michelin starred restaurant I continue from what I learned back home, constantly exploring the Korean landscape to source new ingredients and inspiration. My menu is focused on creating dishes that highlight Korean produce and showcasing them to their full potential."

Daniel Garwood

Ben Richards, 27

Chef de Partie, The Lane Vineyard
National Finalist (2017)

Previous roles:

La Luna Bistro, Melbourne
Carrington Place, Newcastle


"I believe that opportunities multiply as they are seized so I’m really focused on setting myself up with roles to learn and grow over the course of my career. Because of the high-pressure environment of the kitchen, you have to pay close attention to people’s productivity and performance to make sure everyone is working to their potential"

Ben Rogers

Kimberly Tang, 24

Chef de Partie, Society (LUCAS Restaurants)
National Finalist (2016 & 2017)

Previous roles:

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Melbourne
Nobu Crown Casino
No.8 by John Lawson
Crown Melbourne


"The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Never give up because anything is possible, it’s what you make of every opportunity that counts. The experience of Golden Chef’s taught me a lot, it helped improve my skills, organisation and knowledge in a short and intense timeframe"

Kimberly Tang

Shane Middleton, 31

Head Chef, The Royal Perth
Two-time National Winner (2009 & 2010) 

Previous roles:

Executive Sous Chef, QT Perth
Head Chef, Clarke’s of North Beach 
Chef de Partie, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal London & Melbourne


"As a chef you can basically see the world with your job as the skill set is so transferable. Going to London definitely had an impact, it made me grow as a chef and as a person. Not being surrounded my any of my peers made me realise it was my chance to make something of myself, by myself, and definitely got me to step out of my comfort zone" - Shane Middleton

Shane Middleton
Shane Middleton