This is an indicative timeline, the actual timings for your region will be in your acceptance letter.

15 Minutes prior to start, ensure you are all dressed in uniforms & ready to start


60 Minutes    

Introductions & competition rules explained, before heading into the kitchen,


60 Minutes    

Select ingredients and set up allocated workstations - No chopping no cooking only ingredient collecting & measuring & bench set up


Competition commences

Cooking Begins: 2.5 hours to prepare and present 2 covers of each course:  Main (Hot; Protein with appropriate accompaniments) & Dessert (Hot or cold)  


60 Minutes from commencement of competition all ingredients are removed from the competition.


100 minutes from commencement of competition Main Course service for 10 Minutes.


140 minutes from commencement of competition Dessert service for 10 Minutes.


150 Minutes from start of Competition completed.


60 Minutes kitchen clean down.