Regional & Finals' Ordering Process & Ingredient List

Each competitor will need to order their ingredients (to the maximum quantities specified) from the list below.


Order to be emailed no later than 14 days before the competition date.


After the entry has closed, you will be emailed the following information as part of your acceptance letter:

  • Your ingredient order date
  • The ACF/NZChefs Host contact information (this is the person you need to email order to)
  • The order sheet template


Ingredient List



Both cuts must be used in the main course. These will be provided to you on the competition day (no need to order).

300g Pork Neck

1 x 3 Bone Pork Rack





250g Unsalted Butter

500ml Milk

600ml Cream

6 Eggs

250g Cream Cheese

200g Greek Yoghurt

200g Sour Cream



Fruit & Vegetables

1EA      Large Brown Onion

1EA      Leek

2 EA     Med Carrots

300g    Celeriac

½ B      Silverbeet

200g    Snake Beans

1 Pun   Shitake Mushrooms

2          whole Cobs Corn

1 EA     Large Eggplant

¼ B      Thyme

¼ B      Rosemary

¼ B      Oregano

½ Pun  Curry Leaf

¼ B      Chive

¼ B      Flat Leaf Parsley

½ B      Spring Onions (refer image below)

1 Stick Lemongrass

4 clove Garlic

30g      Ginger

2 EA     Red Chilli

2 EA     Limes

2 EA     Granny Smith Apples

2 EA     Packham Pears

2 EA     Bananas


Dry Goods

Fish sauce

7 Gelatine Sheets

100g Arrowroot

200ml Mirin

200ml Rice Wine Vinegar

200ml Chinese Black Vinegar

200ml Soy Sauce

50g Dijon Mustard

500g SR Flour

500g Plain Flour

200g Corn Flour

100g Pecans

200g Brown Lentils

200g Freekeh

200g Israeli Cous Cous

200g panko crumbs

50ml Vanilla essence

500g Castor Sugar

250g Brown Sugar

100g Raisins

200ml Olive oil

500ml Vegetable oil

Cooking Spray

50ml Worcestershire Sauce

20g Wasabi


Herbs & Spices


Ground Black Pepper

Ground White Pepper

Whole Black peppercorns


Bay leaves

Ground Cumin

Cinnamon Quills

Juniper Berries

Ground Nutmeg

Star Anise

Ground Cardamon


Paprika Smokey

Chilli Powder


Allspice Ground

Cayenne Pepper



500ml Red wine  

500ml White wine

200ml Brandy




Nestlé Ingredients

The following products will be available for selection on a communal table on competition day. Please note, it is mandatory for competitors to use a minimum of three (3) Nestlé products, not including Dariole Moulds in the  menu.


BUITONI Sugo al Pomodoro (Tomato Coulis)

MAGGI Natural Mashed Potato


MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder Mix

MAGGI Demi-Glace Sauce

CHEF Vegetable Liquid Concentrate

CHEF Mushroom Liquid Concentrate

NESTLÉ Royal Chocolate Couverture

NESTLÉ Docello Snowcap buttons

NESTLÉ DOCELLO French Vanilla Mousse

NESTLÉ DOCELLO Dariole moulds

Carnation Creamy Evaporated Milk

NESTLÉ Sweetened Condensed Milk

NESCAFÉ Gold Original 400g

UNCLE TOBYS Traditional Oats 500g