Judging and Ingredients

Learn new skills and show off your culinary talent on the plate. Create magic with recipes you design and be judged live on your cooking by world-class judges.

Competition Guidelines Regional & Metro Cook Offs


It’s essential to use the same set of rules and guidelines across all regions. The assessment of the Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat Award reflects hot competition guidelines set by the Australian Culinary Federation for junior chefs, as the national representative of Worldchefs in Australia – and NZChefs, as the national representative of Worldchefs in New Zealand. The objectives of the Australian Culinary Federation, NZChefs and Worldchefs guidelines are to determine a universal set of criteria that could be easily understood and practically implemented to achieve a national and global standard.


Competitors are required to bring the following:


  • Clean uniform and footwear
  • Note pad and pen
  • Toolkit
  • Basic small equipment that would normally fit in a toolbox such as dessert moulds, bar mix, piping bags, tongs, etc.
  • Competitors may bring in white china plates (standard plates will be provided at host venues but can vary in quality/style)


Tagged Equipment


NO unauthorised untagged equipment will be allowed into the kitchen.




Teams will be given 60 minutes to set up & 2.5 hours to prepare, cook and present 2 portions of a 2-course meal (main course and dessert course) in all Regional and Metro Heats.

It is mandatory for competitors to use a minimum of four (4) Nestlé products (NOT including dariole moulds).


Judging Criteria


The composition must be well balanced in a correct proportion of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fibre. It’s also important that the colours harmonise and the dish shows practical application.Menu descriptions are to be supplied and all dishes must be of edible materials.Each team starts with 100 points and points are deducted in accordance with the following measurable elements:


Mise en Place 10 points
Personal Presentation 3
Set up work station 3
Correct Mise en place level 4


Professional Preparation 30 points
Hygiene Practices 5
Technical skills displayed 5
Correct methods of preparation 5
Wastage 5
Efficient use of time/organisation skills 5
Service 5


Presentation 10 points
Suitable temperature 1
Originality/flair 2
Appropriate too class/
true to menu description
Portion size 1
Clean arrangement & dish 2
Nutritional balance 2


Taste 50 points
Does the major component taste good 6
Balance of textures 6
Does the sauce/garnish taste good 6
Balance of flavours 6
Do the complements add to the taste
of the major component
Seasoning 8
Is there harmony of flavour
combinations in the menu
Taste of food preserved 6


Medals will be awarded to the following levels:
Bronze 70-79 points
Silver 80-89 points
Gold 90-99 points
Gold with Distinction 100 points (Confirmed by 3 judges)

Competition Guidelines Grand Finals


The Grand Finals will only be won by the person who demonstrates: Absolute attention to every detail including wears perfect uniforms (from head to toe), has clean sharp tools, applies creative thinking, correctly plans and spells menus, demonstrates correct technical application, competes as an organised individual, demonstrates systematic and clean preparation, presents quality practical dishes on time and finishes by cleaning down.


Grand Finalists


You will be required to prepare, cook & serve two (2) portions of a three (3) course menu in 3.5 hours consisting of vegan entrée, main course using chicken as protein and a dessert. One (1) plate is for tasting the second plate is for photography. Ingredients are to be selected from the supplied pantry & Nestlé product list & NO substitutions are allowed. It is mandatory for competitors to use a minimum of four (4) Nestlé products (NOT including dariole moulds).


Nestlé Product List

BUITONI Sugo al Pomodoro (Tomato Coulis)
MAGGI Natural Mashed Potato
MAGGI TASTE OF ASIA Panang Curry Paste
MAGGI TASTE OF ASIA Chilli Garlic Paste
MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder
MAGGI Classic Demi-Glace
MAGGI Chicken Style Stock
CHEF Black Fermented Pepper Paste
CHEF Mushroom Liquid Concentrate = 6.6lt stock
CHEF Vegetable Liquid Concentrate = 6.6lt stock
NESTLE´ DOCELLO Chocolate Mousse
NESTLÉ DOCELLO French Vanilla Mousse
NESTLÉ DOCELLO Dariole moulds
PLAISTOWE 70% Chocolate Couverture 200g pp
NESTLÉ White Chocolate Bits 200g pp
Carnation Creamy Evaporated Milk
NESTLÉ Sweetened Condensed Milk
NESCAFÉ Gold Original
UNCLE TOBYS Traditional Oats


Regional Cook-offs:

It is mandatory for competitors to use a minimum of four (4) Nestlé products (NOT including dariole moulds).


Grand Finals:

It is mandatory for competitors to use a minimum of five (5) Nestlé products (NOT including dariole moulds).



Regional Final Ingredients List