Judging and Ingredients

Learn new skills and show off your culinary talent on the plate. Create magic with recipes you design and be judged live on your cooking by world-class judges.

Competition Guidelines Grand Finals


The Grand Finals will only be won by the person who demonstrates: Absolute attention to every detail including wears perfect uniforms (from head to toe), has clean sharp tools, applies creative thinking, correctly plans and spells menus, demonstrates correct technical application, competes as an organised individual, demonstrates systematic and clean preparation, presents quality practical dishes on time and finishes by cleaning down.


Grand Finalists


You will be required to prepare, cook & serve two (2) portions of a three (3) course menu in 3.5 hours consisting of Ovo – Lacto entrée main course using 1 x No 14 chicken as protein and a dessert. One (1) plate per course is for tasting the second plate is for photography.


You will be supplied with the following 3 Nestle Products of which you are required to use a minimum of 2
CHEF Mushroom Liquid Concentrate
CHEF Black Garlic Paste  

You will be issued a $250 Voucher to purchase all other ingredients for your menu. 


Judging Criteria


The composition must be well balanced in a correct proportion of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fibre. It’s also important that the colours harmonise and the dish shows practical application. Menu descriptions are to be supplied and all dishes must be of edible materials. Each team starts with 100 points and points are deducted in accordance with the following measurable elements:

  • Material brought / mise en place 5 points


  • Hygiene & Food Waste 10 points


  • Corrects Professional Preparation and Hygiene 20 points


  • Service 5 points


  • Presentation / Innovation 10 points


  • Taste & Texture 50 points