In this year of the Golden Chef Promotion, we are giving all Round 1 Qualifiers who compete in Round 2 (The Regional and Metro Cook-offs), the opportunity to win the Sustainable Practice Prize.
To enter, Round 1 Qualifiers will need to submit a short, maximum 90 second video demonstrating one innovative sustainable practice/idea in their place of work. Entries close (by 11.59pm AEST on 18 August, 2024). The video must include the requirements as per production guidelines below.

Video mandatory inclusions:

  • Include an introduction i.e., your name, job role, place of work/study (if working).
  • Minimum of one innovative sustainable practice/idea relevant to a food service business.
  • Demonstration/description of the idea (can be verbal or visual demonstration).
  • Video does not exceed 90 seconds and the file size does not exceed 100MB.

Video Judging Criteria (Total 20 points)

  • Originality of idea/practice 5
  • Relevance to foodservice and impact of idea/practice 5
  • Storytelling 4
  • Video Production 3
  • Personal Presentation 3


Camera Presence

  • Shoot your video vertically
  • Focus your eyes to camera
  • Let your personality shine through


  • Map out what you want to say 
  • Prepare and rehearse your main points 
  • Make sure there’s a flow to what you’re saying 


  • Is the lighting good?


  • Is the audio clear?
  • Make sure the sound isn’t fuzzy or muffled

Your video submissions may be used for a host of purposes, including PR, social media and website content. This is an opportunity to raise your profile as chef so please represent your best self – and importantly please smile, relax and BE YOU!


Please submit your video entry to us at TBC by 11.59pm AEST on 18 August, 2024.


Winner Announcement

The Winner will be notified by 31 August, 2024, and will be announced at the Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat Industry Awards Night on September 4th 2024 and be awarded with a “Most Sustainable Menu” Prize.